Becoming a Runner

Oct 01, 2019

How to get into running?

Distance running can look daunting if you haven’t exercised in years. Cardio stamina takes time to develop, and the key to build-
ing more as with anything is regular practice. Start by signing up for a race and get someone to join you. This way, you’ve set a goal, and by telling people, you hold yourself accountable motivating you to adhere to a regular schedule. One of the popular races in Dubai is the Standard Chartered Marathon held every January which also includes a 4k and 10k. Throughout the year there are various other races you can sign yourself up for listed on

How to run?

Once you’ve committed be sure to start running at a comfortably slow pace, so you do not tire yourself too quickly or cause any injuries. You may develop a “stitch” (abdominal pain), but not to worry as this is normal for new runners. Just slow down and take in deep breaths until the pain goes away and then continue. Be sure to take short strides and lead with your knee. Music can be incredibly helpful to maintain pace, breathing rhythm, and even motivate you to reach your goal. Be sure to check out Super-Coach’s running playlist on Spotify.

How does it fit in with my resistance workout at the gym?

Cardio complements resistance training—weight lifting—as it will build up your heart rate, making it stronger and more able to withstand a more intensive workout. Both are essential to maintain fit. When in the gym, ask your coach to help you focus on core exercises strengthening your abs and obliques in order to prevent stitches when running. Depending on your current goal, scheduling your runs and gym workouts can be crucial. If you want to build muscle, run first. If you want to build your endurance and aerobic capacity, run last.

What can I do and get to support my running?

-Sleep: Make sure to get a full night’s rest as sleep deprivation increases the risk of injury and lowers energy levels. Sleep also helps with recovery, so be sure to get plenty of rest after a long run.

- Proper Gear: Investing in the right pair of shoes makes for a more comfortable run, complements form, and prevents injuries by cushioning your feet over long distances. Make sure not to wear cotton and instead opt for a technical fabric that wicks sweat away in the hot U.A.E weather. Buying a smartwatch/tracker can help log runs allowing you to keep track of your progress but isn’t necessary to get started.

- Nutrition: Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat a small snack like a banana or a granola bar an hour before your run. If you have a race coming up soon, be sure to avoid fried foods and sugary desserts the day before. Instead, indulge in carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta and oatmeals (unless you on a keto diet). Electrolyte drinks are recommended during or after the race but not before.