Age : 27 years old
Training Experience : 7 years

Personal Training, to me, isn't a job; it's a full time hobby!!! Backed with over 7 years of rich experience in the Health and Fitness Industry in Dubai and having trained over 200 Clients, men and women, with varied background, I feel equipped and capable to handle a diverse range of Health and Fitness challenges/goals. I have also worked with hospitals in the capacity of a Physiotherapist, treating patients to return to their normal physical functions, which has also helped me to address rehabilitation cases and work around specific physiological sensitivities while training, for e.g. sport injuries, post natal issues, etc.. My clients call me “A Sculptor, an Artist". With that passion and enthusiasm, I help clients unleash their unexplored physical potential, which is all about training the Master Slave, "Our Bodies", in a structured, calibrated and scientific manner. My role as a Personal Trainer is to break peoples' inhibitions, of the mind and body that land them with compromised Health and Fitness. To me, Fitness is not a "3 month weight loss program", it's a lifestyle; an integral part of the day in my personal life too, and I aim and succeed in instilling the same drive in my clients for long lasting Health and Fitness benefits I got you on this journey , enjoy the ride with me