Age : 34 years old
Training Experience : 12 years

Professional fitness trainer, Certified Karate Instructor, Certified Kick boxing instructor, Professional swimmer and free diver, Yoga Instructor
I have started my sport carrier at very young age. My determination, focus and motivation made me part of junior national karate team. Winning many medals in karate and kick boxing national and international championships I decided to take a step forward in my sport carrier and become a professional swimmer, scuba diver and a free diver. Preparing myself for braking the national record in free diving, yoga was a part of my daily training and became a new passion. In the World Free Diving Championship in Athens, 2007 I became new national recorder in free diving and world gold medalist. I continued developing and improving my knowledge in field of sports by educating myself in different fields of sport and fitness.
My love for nature and active sport life took me to the some of the European highest mountain picks, depths of the Red Sea and martial arts temples all over the world bringing me now to UAE, where I continued developing my passion for sports.