Age : 28 years old
Training Experience : 8 years

Jovan Mijajlovic (Johny) started his fitness career 6 years ago to understand why some middle-aged people from his surroundings look, feel and consider themselves old and why the same age or older, famous and rich people don't, and what they do differently. The answer is simple and it is the series of beliefs and routines they swear by. Since the beginning, 90% of Johny'clientele are 40+ year old men and women and his programs focus on changing everything from their beliefs about themselves and their age to their habits and routines, of which the by-product is always looking and feeling like they are in their 30's. Johny finished lvl 3 courses in fitness and nutrition as soon as he started his journey, so he can understand better the field and since then he continuously studies and researches and participates in studies to perfect his model of rejuvenating and changing peoples lives. Johny's philosophy is that age is a relative thing and that being old is only a concept of one's mind and by doing simple daily routines, changing bad habits to good ones, anyone can look and feel great and be full of energy.