Age : 36 years old
Training Experience : 15 years

I'm a personal trainer for general fitness, pre and post maternity and i'm expert in nutrition. since i was young i was practicing several sports, because fitness has always been my passion. Then when i grew up i made of my passion my job. I'm involved in fitness industry since more that 13 years and i worked for several clubs in Italy and Dubai. I prepare custom training based on the skills of the athlete and the goals he wants to achieve. I'm expert in bodyshaping, weight loss, muscle building and definition. i provide weights lifting training, cardio training, tabata training, bootcamp and any train that can satisfy the athlete's needs. I' m certified as personal trainer level 3 with REPS UAE, i certified with award 3 in pre and post maternity and award 3 in nutrition.
My thought is : don' t wish for a good body, work for it!